Sights and Sounds of the
2007 Western Chapter Reunion in Phoenix

by Dick Abraham

Some things were the same as last year's reunion, i.e., the attendance numbers were good and met expectations. The hotel amenities including complimentary meals again were exceptional with a staff as friendly as a small town. The evening entertainment was by the Arizona Swing Kids (photos can be seen on the Chapter website ) who were responding to demands for a repeat performance from last year (“be sure to bring those kids back…”). Their program of music and dance routines from the war years hit a soft spot with the audience. The performers ranged in age from 5 to 86 years with some of the Chapter members joining in some of the dances. Another repeat performance from last year was a scheduled humor session called “Laughing Is The Plan” whereby members took the podium and told jokes. The event exceeded the scheduled one hour time period as each joke seemed to spontaneously create new ones. The hotel service staff was constantly available throughout the whole reunion and one young female staff member was an unusual center of attention as she had four metal piercings on the back of her neck. That attraction caused an announcement for Chapter men to stop “hitting” on her. Scheduling the reunion for just two days seemed to be just about right. The banquet and memorial closed out the reunion with the usual farewell statements of  "..take care..see you next year."

Be sure to view the photos from the 2007 reunion here...

2007 Western Chapter Reunion Photos


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