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Dec 19, 2008
Remembering the Friendships

I really enjoyed the latest additions to the website, especially the one about Colonel Wade Gatchell and the horse cavalry.  I served in Colonel Gatchell's Combat Command Reserve (CCR) headquarters all during the Tenth Armored Division's training in Georgia, maneuvers in Tennessee, and battles in Europe.  I was a radio operator in a half track and worked in four hour shifts around the clock, four hours on and eight hours off.  I was fortunate enough not to get wounded in spite of heavy incoming German artillery fire on several occasions, especially when we were surrounded in Crailsheim, Germany for several days around Easter time in 1945. 

I was able to stay in touch with Colonel Gatchell all these years up until his final days in San Diego.  He was a real good officer and gentleman with a mind sharp as a tack.  Another man in our headquarters who still lives in San Diego area is my half track driver, Edward Ebbert.  He was wounded about two weeks before the war ended but he survived in spite of a small piece of shrapnel he still carries somewhere inside his body.

It is the friendships that we made during those days of wartime hell that we do appreciate the most and which remain enduring for all of our lives. 

During a recent telephone call with our Western Chapter Secretary, Phil Burge, I told him that I was doing a speaking engagement to two men's clubs.  I am showing the DVD disc that we all received from the National organization of the Tenth Armored Veterans Association.  It is being received with a great deal of interest, especially during this time of year when we know that the Battle of the Bulge took place right around Chistmastime in Belgium 64 years ago.  I found that Gene Patterson's new book about the Division is very helpful in putting together my talk.

I wish you the very best for this Holiday Season and  the coming New Year and I extend those wishes and prayers to all the veterans of "The Greatest Generation" that we served with.
- Leo (Lee) Curtis

Dec 18, 2008
Let The Army Eat Cake

For several years one of my neighbors has made it an annual custom to bring a cake to the local Army recruiting office during the holiday season. Yesterday I accompanied her on her delivery and to see the looks of surprise and appreciation in the eyes of these clean cut young men made it a memorable moment.  And we were each rewarded with a cap, tee shirt and coffee mug.  Go Army!
- Phil Burge

Nov 10, 2008
A Veterans' Day Observation

I wonder if any of you had an experience similar to mine as Veterans Day approaches.  I attend the Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, which is non-denominational.  Pasadena is pretty much of a liberal community, being the home of the California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech).  One of the guest speakers at church yesterday was a retired Army chaplain, dressed in full uniform.  The church pastor then asked if all of the veterans would stand and be recognized.  Almost immediately thereafter the entire congregation of several hundred spontaneously rose and gave us a prolonged ovation.  I was surprised and deeply moved.
- Phil Burge

Sep 16, 2008
Update on Tom Bubin

Tom Bubin has sent Phil Burge some booklets and DVD's left over from the "Final Salute" reunion two years ago.  He had an aorta operation and reports that he has been a long time recovering.  He is starting to bounce back and is feeling 100% better and hopes that he can come to next year's reunion.  Hope that you can make it, Tom!

Aug 18, 2008
Gene Patterson Releases New Book About the 10th Armored

Gene Patterson served with the 90th Recon during his time in the 10th Armored. His new book is entitled -- Patton's Unsung Armor of the Ardennes: The 10th Armored Division Secret Dash to Bastogne.
Additional information about his book can be found on his web site here -- Ordering information can be accessed directly by clicking here -- Order the Book.

Gene is a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper editor who is now retired. You may read more about Gene here -- About Gene Patterson.

May 16, 2008
Do you recognize anyone in this photo?

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Click photo to enlarge

61st AIB Medical Detachment
10th Armored Division
Mittenwald, Germany
June 1945

If you recognize or know anyone in this photo, please send an email to:

May 5, 2008
Photograph of Gen. Patton

Our own Charlie Lombardi snapped this photo of Gen. Patton
sometime in 1945. Charlie -- do you know the approx. date?

Can anyone identify the 2-stars to his right and behind him?
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Answer: The officer directly behind Patton is Major General Morris and the officer to Patton's left is Major General Fay Brink Prickett, who took command of the 10th after General Morris was promoted to command of 6th Corps. There is an almost identical picture of these officers in Les Nichols's hardcover "Impact" on page 303 (the softcover photo is on the back cover).  The caption says that they are leaving the Olympic Stadium after the USO performance of Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe Show.  That would place it between May, 1945 and July 14, 1945. (Thanks to Howard Liddic for this information.)

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