Moselle River 194480th Year of Liberation

The Moselle River 1944 Association announces
the Commemoration Events of the 80th Anniversary
of the Liberation of the Moselle
The confirmed dates for November 2024 are
Friday November 8 to Wednesday November 13
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The Moselle River 1944 Association has announced the commemoration events which will be held in honor of the 80th anniversary of the liberation of the Department of the Moselle in northeast France. The commemoration remembers the sacrifices of US service members which occurred during the combat around Metz and Thionville during November 1944.

The commemoration event will be held on 8-13 November of 2024. This will provide the time for everyone to attend the various ceremonies and local visits that are being planned. The program for the commemoration is currently being finalized with the partner towns and villages in the Thionville area. Numerous military vehicle clubs and their re-enactors will also be participating in the ceremonies.

Please note that the Moselle River 1944 Association is extending an open invitation to ALL of the U.S. Veterans who served in Europe during World War II. Please pass this invitation to any U.S. WWII service members or their families who may have an interest in attending this commemoration which will honor their sacrificial service of 80 years ago.

An itinerary with additional details will be provided here as soon as they become available in 2024.

If you have any interest in attending the 80th anniversary commemoration in November of 2024, please submit the PDF Reply Form on this page.

Your questions about the commemoration may be submitted to – We will keep you updated as more details are known and as the November 2024 date draws closer.

We hope to see many of you in the Moselle in November 2024! You may read about how the Moselle River 1944 Association was established by reading this article.

Please see photos of the 2014 and 2019 commemorations at the links below.

Your 10th Armored Division and Moselle River 1944 Association team

Photos of the 2014 and 2019 festivities may be viewed here --
   Moselle River 1944 in 2014
   Moselle River 1944 in 2019

The Moselle River 1944 70th Anniversary Celebration in Thionville, France -- November 2014 (below)

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