Moselle River 1944 Festivities
November 8-16, 2014

Moselle River 1944, a commemorative association in the Moselle Department of the Lorraine region of Northeastern France, hosted marvelous festivities for veterans of the 10th Armored Division and other liberating divisions in June 2010.  Six Tigers and their families attended the events, which were based in Thionville, France.

Moselle River 1944 will host its final commemorations to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Moselle region. The festivities will occur from November 8 - 16, 2014.  The veteran, the widow, and one traveling companion staying with the veteran or the widow in their hotel room will be hosted for free.  All other family members who attend will pay a supplement of 90 Euros ($120) per day. 

All American guests will pay for their own travel expenses between the U.S. and Thionville.  The nearest international airport in Europe is Luxembourg City which is about 30 minutes and 24 miles from Thionville.

A detailed agenda is going to be made available, but we do have some preliminary information that we can share:

    Sat Nov 8 -- Evening reception at the lovely Hotel Horizon signals the start of the festivities
    Sun Nov 9 -- Ceremonies at the bridge at Malling in the morning; visit to Fort Koenigsmacker in the afternoon
    Mon Nov 10 -- Ceremonies at Distroff
    Tue Nov 11 -- Ceremonies at Basse-Ham in the morning; ceremonies at Terville in the afternoon
    Sat Nov 15 -- Grandest of the ceremonies, called “Memory of the Moselle", in the evening
    Sun Nov 16 -- Closing ceremonies in the evening

The invitation and reply coupon can be viewed on the Moselle River 1944 website.  The reply coupon can be filled and submitted online.  Please review the following links for additional information and to access the reply coupon.    (Reply Coupon)

The president of Moselle River 1944 is expecting 70 restored historic U.S. military vehicles in the parades.  A retired major general of the U.S. 95th Infantry Division has agreed to participate in the ceremonial events.

The invited divisions include the following:

            3rd Cavalry Group (mechanized):  “Brave Rifles”
            5th Infantry:      “Red Diamond"
            80th Infantry:    “Blue Ridge"
            90th Infantry:    “Tough ‘Ombres"
            95th Infantry:    “Iron Men of Metz"
            7th Armored:     “Lucky Seventh"

            10th Armored:   “Tigers"
            8th Air Force
            351st Bomb Group

If you have contact with veterans from any of these divisions, please let them know of this opportunity.

The French hosts are going to great lengths to prepare unforgettable festivities as they render their final homage to their American liberators and their families.  Please consider registering if you feel the trip is something you are interested in doing.  I am in frequent contact with the association president and will be happy to try to obtain more information for anyone interested in attending.

- Jeff Taylor
son of veteran Alfred H. Taylor
80th Armored Medical Battalion
10th Armored Division

Please send an email to
to obtain more information.


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