Registration for the The Moselle River 1944 Association's
75th Anniversary Commemoration in November 2019

To All 2019 Attendees!

• The formal invitation to the Moselle River 1944 Association commemoration in November 2019 is now available. Note that the MR1944 ‘reply coupon’ and the ‘hotel registration’ forms are posted further down on this web page. The identical forms are also posted on the Association's website here --
• There is addiitonal information posted here on this web page that should be of use to anyone desiring to attend in November.
• The ‘reply coupon’ needs to be sent to the MR1944 Association. Please fill out this form and email it to notify the MR1944 Association of your intention to attend. This will not obligate you in any way but will let the Association know approximately how many attendees might be expected in November.
• The hotel registration form should be sent as soon as possible to reserve a room at the Kyriad Prestige Hotel in Thionville as rooms are available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. The price for the room does include breakfast for the guests every morning and is a very good rate. All transportation to the various venues in the Thionville area will begin and end at this hotel. Note that you will need to supply a credit card number to the hotel on the registration form. If the hotel reservation is cancelled at least one week prior to your arrival, there will be no charges incurred. If the reservation is cancelled less than one week before your arrival, then a charge of one night’s stay will apply. Also, the completed hotel registration form must be emailed to the hotel. This is the only method being provided to reserve your room. A reservation form should be submitted for each room that is being reserved.
• Read about some photo recommendations here.

Important Passport Information
• Note that France and its adjacent countries are part of the Schengen area of countries. Generally it is recommended that your U.S. passport is valid for six (6) months beyond the date that you will be returning home to the U.S. While France only requires three (3) months validity beyond your return date, maintaining a six (6) month validity period on your passport is highly recommended when traveling.
Travelers have been prohibited from boarding flights if their passports are not valid for a sufficient time period beyond their return date.
• Please review this information on the U.S. Dept. of State website so that you are aware of what is required when traveling to Europe – Passport Guidance when Traveling in Europe
• Specific travel information for France can be found here – Passport Guidance in France

Download these PDF files
   -- Please download all three of these PDF files --

Click to download pamphlet--this is a Large file2019 Invitation        Click to download pamphlet--this is a Large fileReply Coupon        Click to download pamphlet--this is a Large fileHotel Registration

And then...
• Read the invitation of the Moselle River 1944 Association for this year’s commemoration
• Fill out the ‘reply coupon’ form and email it to the Association
• Fill out the hotel registration form and email it to the hotel to reserve your room

How to Sign a PDF
Important – Do not sign the PDF until you have completed all of the information on the form. Once you have signed the PDF you will not be able to change or add any information.

As you complete the hotel registration form, a signature will need to be added just below the credit card information. Instead of printing the PDF, physically signing it by hand and then having to scan or take a photo of the signed form in order to email it, here are some additional methods for signing the form.

While the hotel registration form is displayed in Adobe Reader the following icons should be displayed in the menu toolbar toward the top of the window. Click on the ‘pen’ icon to begin the signing process.


If the icon is not displayed, try clicking on the ‘3 dots’ to display the list of tools and then click on ‘Sign’.

If there is currently no saved signature, the following will be displayed. Click on ‘Add Signature’. If a saved signature is displayed then it may be used to sign the registration form.

When adding a new signature, three options are available. Please read about each one below.

1)  The Type option allows the creation of a signature by simply typing in the signing box. The style of the typed text maybe changed by selecting a different style under ‘Change style’. When finished click on ‘Apply’.



2)  The Draw option allows the creation of a signature by drawing a signature in the signing box. Click on ‘Clear’ in order to start over. When finished click on ‘Apply’.



3)  The Image option allows the addition of a signature by inserting an image of a signature that has been previously saved to a file. The image of the signature is placed within the signing box. The size of the signature may be also be changed. When finished click on ‘Apply’.


The size of the signature image may be decreased or increased by clicking on one of the two A’s.


Save the Completed PDF
Now that the PDF is complete and signed, save it to a convenient folder on your computer by clicking on the Save icon. Adding your name to the PDF’s filename is also a good idea.


Once the PDF has been saved, click on the Close button in the upper right of the window. Avoid clicking on 'next' as it will ask how you want to share or send the PDF to other users.


The Adobe Reader application can then be closed.

Attach the completed PDF to an email and send it to the hotel email address specified on the form. The hotel should respond with a confirmation email.

Please send an email to if you have questions or need assistance.

— A Recommendation about Photos —
those who plan to attend the commemoration this November, I would highly recommend that families of veterans bring small photographs of the veteran whom they are representing. In 2014, I found that this was extremely helpful in helping me to connect with the French locals as I certainly was not one of the WWII veterans who deservedly received much of the attention at these gatherings. It is likely that only a few veterans will be able to make the trip to France this year and so I believe that this is an addiitonal reason for us as attendees to improve our ability to connect with the French folk whom we come in contact with. At various times in 2014 I had children and family members asking for additional photos to take with them and I was happy to oblige.

You can see by the example below that I took a portrait photo of my father and then created a 4"x6" photo with two photos of him side by side. I also included some information about his service. I then cut the 4x6 photos in half so that I had two 4"x3" photos for handing out to anyone that would like to have them. I have not decided how many photos to take this November but they can be inexpensively printed at Costco or other online websites. Just to give you an idea, one hundred (100) 4x6 prints picked up at Costco are 14¢ each and only 9¢ if delivered by postal mail. That is only 7¢ or 4.5¢ per handout photo.

Here is the photo I created of my father and the two French children who were happy to receive his photo.

2-up Photo

French children

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